My Amazing 12th Week of School

My 12th week of school was amazing. First, we made a toontastic and a story bird and there very fun to make! Next, we colored our pictures for our Uganda penal! Then, we watched the kindergardeners walk around for their career parade and they were awesome! Finally, we had an awesome Halloween party and had so much fun. and a pajama day!



My Wonderful Eleventh Week of School

My eleventh week of school was awesome. First, we prepared for the haunted house like make boxes, glue paper to the boxes, and probably burn yourself with the hot glue gun and it hurts alot! Then, we picked our parts in the haunted house and I was the pilot! Next, we got set up for the haunted house! Finally, we started the haunted house and I sceamed and screamed very loudly because Bizzie was ”hitting me and pulling out my insides” with a fake axe, but I didn’t feel it because it was a fake body/insides and the only body part that showed on me was my head! We raised $801!!!!IMG_4194


The Minion Monster

The Minion Monster

By: Emma Atkins

One scary night, I was putting on my minion goggles and waiting for Bizzie to get here, but surprisingly I wasn’t the one late. I was kinda happy she wasn’t here yet, I was kinda scared of what her costume would be, okay maybe I was scared. I would scream the loudest scream ever if she was a clown, I hate clowns so much. I had never been trick or treating with her before I was really scared. I didn’t know what would happen next…

Bizzie finally got here and I thought to myself “ Its about time,” I said and walked to the door nervously. I guess Bizzie got tired of waiting because she had walked in and she was.. a CLOWN. I screamed and ran for my life screaming “ CLOWN CLOWN DONT EAT ME AHH! ” She took off the mask “Hahaha I got you so good!” I came back in the living room and I was really mad at her and I may or may not have screamed at her, but it was all over now because we walked out of the house nervously.

Bizzie was Dorthy from The Wizard of Oz and she had her dog Blanch as Toto. We were really excited well she was I was scared, but I knew that Bizzie wasn’t. We went to Haney’s Haunted House just to start out the night and it was the most awesome haunted house ever! And all you need to go in is $1.00 and you just went to the best haunted house ever! After the haunted house was over we walked and walked and walked and walked, yet we didn’t get any candy. We decided to go to a certain neighborhood that was really scary “This house!” Bizzie said. “NOOO!” I said. I never wanted to go into that house ever ever ever after I heard the story of the ghost and that it was the most terrible things that happened in that house. And of course Bizzie pulled me in, you would think is someone heard screaming like that someone would come, but nobody did. I was really scared, like really. So, we walked in to the scary haunted house that wasn’t Haney’s Haunted House and wondered if we would make it out..

We walked up the old creeky stairs and watched and waited for something to come out of hiding. “Im scared” I said. “ Well I don’t care, we are getting candy this year.” “Im leaving,” I said. “Nope,” of course she had to make me stay. We saw something and we were so scared, okay I was so scared, but still. Then, all of a sudden a man appeared right in front of us and we both screamed “Don’t move,” Bizzie said.

“I wont,” I said. The minion started to run after us! We started to run as fast as we could. “Well we know its not a zombie,” I said. “Emma this isn’t the time for jocks,” “I dont care,” I said. “AHHHHH,” I screamed. “ HURRY!” Bizzie said. We ran and ran until we were safe, well we thought we were. The minion came to us and I grabbed it and hit it with a piece of candy. The minion started crying and I was sad that it was hurt, but it hurt us alot so I knew we had to. A best friend is worth your candy and hurting something you love.


Explaining a KAHOOT!

Some people are asking me what a KAHOOT is so I’m gonna explain it. A KAHOOT is like a quiz, your teacher or grown up will set it up or make the questions and they with give yo a code to type in to make sure you have the correct KAHOOT. You will type in a nickname and then you start on the questions. The places you can get into is 1st, 2nd,3rd, 4th, 5th are the leader board, but how many people you have you can get places like 21st, but you wont be on the board if you make first you win. Hint: if you type in the correct answer fast you get more points. Points determine what place your in. Hope that helped!


My Awesome 10th Week of School

My 10th week of school was awesome. First, we had fall break and it was awesome, but I really didn’t do anything but it was still fun. Next, we did the haunted house commercial and this year we are helping people that deal with poverty. Then, we got our report cards and that was awesome. Finally, I am here writing to you in chronological order.