The Best Week EVER: Week 29

I had an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G 29th week of school! First, we started on our solo songs for reading and I’m writing a song about making inferences, (this is going to be on my blog once I finish the song). Next, Sara Logan got first place in ticket-to-read and gave us a pizza party! Thank you Sara Logan if you see this! Then, we File Apr 01, 8 33 35 AM had our musical which was amazing let me just say. Our musical was about the 1950s and almost all of the girls wore poodle skirts and it was just so fun to do! I danced to Blue Seude Shoes and it was so much fun! Lastly, Mr. Haney pranked us today for April fools day; he told us that he was going to move to a different school to teach and I believed it at first! That was my amazing 29th week of school

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