Week First of Summer!

imageI have had a pretty good 1st week of summer. First, my neighbors and I had a water balloon fight which was super fun! Then, we went to a family cook out and we swam which is basically one of my favorite things to do in the summer. Lastly, we had a birthday party for my brother! I had an awesome first week of summer!




Top10 of 5th Grade

10. Christmas Parade

9. Haunted House

8. Wonder Works

7. Skypes

6. Kahoot

5. Candy Cane Cottage

4. Awards

3. Teacher vs Students b-ball game

2. Lucas Bands

I. Being a Ram



Week 36: Good-Bye For Now.

I had the best week a student could ask for. First, we had field day and I won 3 third place ribbons and 1 first place ribbon. Next, we had the award show and I won Honor Roll and the Art Award (art is basically my life). Then, we had our class party which was awesome and I got an award formats organized! Lastly,we raised $2,300 for Lucas!File May 17, 2 12 12 PM


My Amazing 34th Week of School

I had an amazing week 34 of fifth grade. First, we had our Karm presentation and it was super fun! Next, we went to warm and helped sort clothes, which may not sound too fun but it was. Then, we finished our song for Lucas! Lastly, we have started filming our movies! That was my amazing 34th week of school.


My Amazing Week 32 of School!

I had an amazing 32nd week of school. First, we are starting to finish up our movie scripts which is super fun. Then, we might be getting our clay beings in art class; I made a soccer ball. Next, we did a live reading of our scripts for movies. Lastly, Aaron is #1 in ticket to read! In conclusion, I had an amazing 32nd week of school, and I hope you enjoyed reading about it!File Apr 22, 10 23 38 AMThe first clay creature is mine!


My Amazing 31st Week of School!

I had an amazing 31st week of school. First, we started making our movies, my name is Becca and I am popular, mean, and rich (in the movie). Our movie is called asylum! Then, we are having shaved ice for Lucas today. Lucas is a boy in 1st grade who has cancer and we are having a fundraiser for him! Please pray for him! Next, we did our TNReady packets and I got a minus 2! Finally, Sara-Logan and Andrew’s birthday is today! That was my amazing 31st week of school!


My AMAZING 30th Week of School

My 30th week of school was amazing. First, we had a track meet on Thursday and I was on the media team, now this may seem cool which it is, it was amazing, besides the fact that it was so cold I couldn’t feel my face. Next, Finley won the art show for fifth grade! Great job Finley! Then, we started on our movies! Im going to be in Asylum and it is really cool. Lastly, we are finishing up our solo songs! That was my amazing 30th week of school!IMG_6323




The Best Week EVER: Week 29

I had an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G 29th week of school! First, we started on our solo songs for reading and I’m writing a song about making inferences, (this is going to be on my blog once I finish the song). Next, Sara Logan got first place in ticket-to-read and gave us a pizza party! Thank you Sara Logan if you see this! Then, we File Apr 01, 8 33 35 AM had our musical which was amazing let me just say. Our musical was about the 1950s and almost all of the girls wore poodle skirts and it was just so fun to do! I danced to Blue Seude Shoes and it was so much fun! Lastly, Mr. Haney pranked us today for April fools day; he told us that he was going to move to a different school to teach and I believed it at first! That was my amazing 29th week of school


My Awesome 28th Week of School

I had an amazing 28th week of school. First, we had a field trip to tuckaleechee caverns which is a cave and its AMAZING! Next, we had Dr. Seuss week, this is where you choose to dress up silly on different days. Then, we filmed on the buss for the end of the year song. Lastly, we had a short week because of Good Friday! That was my amazing 28th week of school!!