In America, we celebrate a special holiday called Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a holiday were we give thanks for all that we have. Thanksgiving all started when the pilgrims came to America, met the Indians, and decided to have a special feast to give thanks that concicted of beans, corn, venison, clams, and much more. On Thanksgiving day I normally wake up smelling turkey and all the other foods my mom has started to cook. I will get out of my bed and go to watch the Macy’s Day Parade on T.V. The Macy’s Day Parade is a special parade only on Thanksgiving which has big floats like Snoopy! After I watch the parade I go to the kitchen to help my mom cook! After we cook we call almost all the family over and we start our feast that concicts of turkey, mac and cheese, tea, green beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and much more. After we eat at my house we go to my Granny’s house and eat almost the same exact things and eat with the same exact people. After that we go to my Grandmother’s house and go see different people and eat pie! In summary, Thanksgiving is a really fun holiday to celebrate!


Whats Your Favorite……….

Whats your favorite singer? Comment on this post and tell me yours!

Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber

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Whats your favorite food?

Tacos or Hamburgers?

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I just wanted to say thank you to you all for visiting my blog! Im so happy that I have that many flags on my flag counter and I never expected to get that many people from around the world! Thanks!


My Awesome 14th Week of School

My 14th week of school was amazing. First, we got our lanterns from our South Korean penpals gave us and they were amazing I loved it! Next, we are still doing our coats for the cold drive to donate to Karm! Then, we finished our comparing and contrasting thanksgiving writing. Last, we are writing our Thanksgiving writing to send to our penpals! That was my amazing 14th week of school!


My Wonderful 13th Week of School

My 13h week of school was amazing. First, we had a verb tense kahoot that was really fun even though I lost. Then, we started coats for the cold which is for people that don’t have coats and their very cold. Next, we had 2 compliment parties, the first one we got to eat lunch outside and the second we got to eat in the class room with snacks! Last, we had mornings with mom and it was a lot of fun!IMG_4444